We are proud to introduce STATE. The first-of-its-kind luxury eyewear brand, designed and manufactured exclusively in America.
Below are some factoids about State Optical Frames

in 2012, Scott Shapiro & Jerry Wolowicz – executives at a family owned, independent eyewear company – set out to create the world’s first truly American brand of luxury eyewear. After countless meetings with artisans and professionals throughout the industry, they finally found a partner that shared their vision.

The idea of the name “State” is to “state” who you are.

Family conceived, owned and operated in the United States.

Made in the USA (Chicago) by American craftsmen.

The designer is Blake Kuwahara, a world-renown American luxury designer in the industry.

State has been featured on the show How It’s Made, Good Morning America, and Forbes Magazine.

The hinges are OBE hinges, the highest quality hinges in the world made in Germany. It’s a sturdy 3 barrel hing

The hinge screw has a silicone sleeve that never comes out on it’s own.

The material is the highest quality acetate from Mazzucchelli, Italy

The triangle on the end temple is hand drilled and represents Illinois, the 21st state, where the frames are constructed.

There are 75 steps in the manufacturing process, 50% of which is done by hand. The temples are hand shaped.

The temple end is wider to distribute pressure more behind the ears and to take the frame’s weight off the nose.


Each frame is individually inspected before released. 

Global Fit frames come with a light-weight, non-corrosive titanium nose piece to help comfortably fit patients who otherwise can’t wear non-metal frames.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Our staff wear State in the office by preference.

If you’re ever in Chicago, you can tour the factory where these frames are made. Let us know and we’ll set you up for a tour!