As we age, our visual needs change.  When we’re young, we use digital devices more.  Older people enjoy more reading close up.  Standard progressive lenses don’t account for these visual needs over time.  Shamir has designed a lens that changes with your age and depending on your needs. 

The top chart emphasizes all areas the same no matter your age. Research has shown that patients have different needs as they age.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence is a new progressive lens whose vision zones change according to the visual needs of the patient’s Visual Age, as demonstrated in the studies.  Shamir Autograph Intelligence takes visual diversity into account and provides the right solution for patient at every Visual Age.

The new lens design concept allows us to provide an optimal visual solution for every Visual Age without compromise.  This provides a better visual solution to a broader population of patients, in one product.  What’s more, given future lifestyle changes and increasing longevity, visual needs per Visual Age may change.  Shamir’s new technology and design concept opens the door for continuous evolution of this lens design as the patient ages. 

What really matters is how it well it works for patients.  So far patients have said that not only do they adapt easier to this lens, they feel there is no adaptation needed at all!   This lens is great for patients who want to put their glasses on and just see, without having to work through an adaptation period. 

Come in and ask one of our certified opticians about the Shamir Autograph Intelligence Progresssive lens.