You can see little dark spots on the white part of the eye (between the blood vessels). These dark areas are from “scleral thinning”. The sclera is the thickest layer of the eye, separating the inner, dark, choroid layer of the eye from the outer, clear, conjunctiva layer. As we age, the sclera can become thin to the point that you can see the deeper choroid layer. This scleral thinning is of no negative consequence to the eye or vision . There are other types of scleral thinning associated with arthritic-like conditions, but this is not that type.

You can also see eyelashes growing in the eye. These lashes cause irritation to the surface of the eye. I pulled (epilated) these lashes. They tend to grow back however every 3-4 weeks. This “trichiasis” is also somewhat age-related, but other factors can be involved.

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