Pavingstone Degeneration

From JAMA: “Of importance in the evaluation of the peripheral fundus is a distinctive and fairly common disease process termed paving-stone degeneration of the retina. In its typical form, this condition is located between the ora serrata and the equator and is characterized by small, discrete, rounded areas of depigmentation and retinal thinning. These lesions are yellow-white in color, frequently reveal prominent underlying choroidal vessels, and often possess a pigmented margin. Occurring singly or in groups, the lesions of paving-stone degeneration not uncommonly become confluent and may even coalesce to form bands.”

From OpticianOnline: “DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS. Gyrate atrophy; Lattice degeneration; Congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigmentary epithelium; Retinal holes; Inactive chorioretinitis lesions…No treatment is required for pavingstone degeneration. The main issue is the differential diagnosis.”

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