This is the left eye of a patient with an extremely busy lifestyle. This kind of patient will almost always wear their contact lenses all day and sleep in them often as well. There are only two brands of contact lenses that I feel comfortable fitting these patients in, Ciba Night and Day and Bausch and Lomb Purevision. The Purevision also comes in toric lenses for individuals with astigmatism.
Another interesting thing about this patient is that he originally went to an urgent care. Urgent cares, primary care providers, and emergency rooms typically give patients very mild antibiotic drops that are often not sufficient for the patient’s eye condition. These kind of providers are limited in their ability to properly diagnose red eyes. This patient’s problem persisted a week

beyond his visit to the urgent care. I gave him the appropriate drops that will clear the majority of the problem up within a few days.
Also this patient will need to be changed to Purevision Torics because of his astigmatism. Hopefully we’ll find a pair that is comfortable for him physically and visually and we can decrease his risk of corneal ulcer.

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