This patient wears Acuvue Oasys lenses every day for 16 hours per day and replaces them beyond the recommended replacement schedule.  She presents with the complaint of right eye irritation, fluctuating vision, the contact lens moving a lot, and occasional mucous. 
The top picture is the underside of the right eyelid, which shows large white bumps

The photo below shows the same right eye under the upper lid with fluorescein stain in the eye.  It really makes the bumps (papillae) stand out.

The 2 photos below show that the left eye is not as bad as the left, which is why she’s virtually asymptomatic in that eye.

This will take up to a year to resolve completely.  For this reason, and many other more serious potential problems, good eye doctors have a specific recommendation on what type of contact lens to use, how long to wear it for during the day, when to replace the lens, and what solutions to use.  People who come in with contact lens related eye injury are always those who disregard these recommendations.  People that follow these recommendations rarely have problems.

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