A patient of mine showed up one Monday morning complaining of pain in his eye. He said the wind was blowing two days earlier and he thinks that something flew into his eye. No matter how much he flushes the eye out, he can’t get rid of it.
When I first looked at him, I couldn’t see anything wrong. The cornea looked normal and the eye wasn’t red. I flipped the eye lid to look under it and didn’t see anything there. So then I put dye in the eye and under red-free light I saw the following on the cornea:

If you magnify the above picture and dim the lights, you’ll see several vertical lines in the cornea. These lines represent scratches on the surface of the cornea caused by something trapped under the upper lid. So I knew there had to be something there. Usually a foreign body is metallic and easily identifiable.

On closer look I was able to identify a clear piece of plastic under the lid. I pulled it out and the patient had immediate relief.

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