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2/1/2019 - We have enjoyed great success with our Dailies Total One Contact Lenses.  They are more comfortable than most lenses for most patients, they maintain their moisture throughout the day, and they breathe enough oxygen to allow 16 hours of wear time.  However, the cost is often prohibitive for patients.

We now have another option for the patient who wants the comfort and moisture in their contact lenses but don't want to pay the high prices.  The SimlifEyes 1 Day Contact Lens is as comfortable as the Dailies Total One and maintains it's moisture throughout the day.  It does not breathe as much oxygen as the Dailies Total One but does breathe more than any other dailies disposable lens, there for we are recommending about 12-14 hours of wear time. 

The secret to the success of this lens is the Tangible Hydra-PEG coating that makes the lens have less friction on it's surface.  The eyelid blinks thousands of times per day, and less friction means less eye irritation and inflammation.   Tangible Hydra-PEG makes the lenses comfortable, wetter, feel smoother on the eye, resist deposits, and fog less.   

We can give these to anyone who is near sighted or far sighted, but unfortunately they are not yet available for  astigmatism or multifocal patients.   We are happy to try them on everyone else to see if they like them.  

What patients are saying about SimplifEyes 1Day

“Comfortable and easy to handle and use. Could not even tell the contacts were in my eyes because they were extremely comfortable.” – Austin

“Similar to two weeks lenses, but my eyes don’t get dry as quickly.” – Tara

“Clear vision and overall a very comfortable lens to wear.” – Lauren

“The best I have worn.” – Sharon


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2/1/2019 - For years there have been multifocal contact lenses and there have been toric contact lenses for astigmatism.  But we have never had a contact lens that can do both in a comfortable, consistent manner.  

That has all changed with the introduction of our new toric multifocal contact lens.  There are a few wonderful advantages to this new lens:

1) They are as stable as the Biofinity Toric lens (doesn't rotate much and consistently rotates in the same direction and in the same amount).  Plus, it we can specify the astigmatism axis to 1 degree.  Most other toric contact lenses only allow axis specificity to 10 degrees.   So now we are able to rely on it's consistency and correct super high astigmatism, even up to -8.00 diopters!

2) It is super comfortable.  It is completely custom designed for each patient's eyes.  We can adjust the base curve and the diameters according the corneal curvatures and diameters of each eye, so we get a perfect fit, every single time. 

3) The multifocal zones can be modified depending on the size of the patient's pupils, the patient's age, and the patient's visual needs, and we can decide to put the distance zone in the center or the periphery, depending on the what works best for the patient.  There is even the option of decentering the center zone if the patient's pupil or visual axis is decentered.   

4) They take only a few days to come in once we order them.  Any custom lens in the past has taken three weeks to come in.  

5) They are three month disposable lenses.  However, patients who interchange with their glasses or who take very good care of them can make them last up to 6 months, significantly reducing their costs. 

6) We can make these custom lenses with or without astigmatism correction, and with or without being a multifocal.  

7) The fit is guaranteed.  If it doesn't work, 100% is refunded!  Awesome!


July 2017 - Sonoran Desert Eye Center is proud to introduce the latest in retinal imaging. Optomap is painless, quick, and there is no recovery time compared to standard dilation.  This makes the patient's visit shorter and more enjoyable.  

With eye steering, the Optomap now gives a broader view of the retina, enables isolated views of retinal layers, uncovers hidden damage, offers more accurate diagnosis for many eye diseases, and gives a baseline image for future comparison.   In most cases this is the doctor's preferred way to visualize the internal eye.   Check out the Sonoran Desert Eye picture blog for some of the excellent images obtained with the Optomap.  When people have flashes of lights and floaters, the combined power of using Optomap and dilation ensures that nothing is missed!

There is a nominal fee of $35 to perform and review Optomap ($15 for students) and you will not be charged until the doctor reviews the images. 




Regular progressive lenses have large distance zones, but small mid-range and near zones.  This is great for every day general use, but after an hour or two on the computer, the neck can become stiff and sore from having to maintain the same position. 

At Sonoran Desert Eye Center, we have dealt with this historically by putting the computer mid-range in the distance portion of a regular progressive lens, and then the zones for midrange and near are wider.  This works great, but patients often felt they had to take their glasses off to walk around the office.  

Our lab, Hoya, has saved the day with the ID Space, Screen,and Zoom lenses.  The Space lens is great for people who want mostly mid-range and near, but also want to be able to see distance and walk around the office without messing with their glasses.  This is Dr. Quaranta's favorite lens to use in the office.   

The Screen lens is for people that need to see multiple screens, small close up details, and someone sitting across the desk.  The Zoom lens is for people in small spaces that need to be focused on computer and near without distractions.   


Hoya also has a Sync Lens for people in their late thirties or early forties who do not need reading magnification, but who spend hours on near work and computer.  This is also an ideal lens for young people who need some relief from eyestrain from hours of video gaming or computer use.  

Whatever your need, Sonoran Desert Eye Center has a lens for you.  These options, along with precision measurements and frame adjustments, help us provide something you can't get online, from big box shopping centers, or from "discount" chains. 



We are so proud of our new Europa Scleral Lens fitting process.  Sonoran Desert Eye Center was one of the first practices in the valley to fit scleral lenses.  These lenses are ideal for individuals who need a rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lens without the disadvantages of an RGP.  RGP lenses are uncomfortable, move around a lot, traumatize the cornea, and easily get dust underneath.   Scleral lenses don't move, don't touch the cornea, maintain a layer of moisture over the cornea, but provide the visual benefits of an RGP.  

Historically, scleral lenses had spherical edges.  Unfortunately, most eyeballs are not spherical, but instead cylindrical (the difference between a cracker and a Lay's potato chip).  So the edge of the scleral lens would press on the eye in one meridian and lift off in another.  This caused discomfort, air bubbles, and haze in the vision.  Additionally, the visual cylinder doesn't always match the scleral toricity. 

Our new Europa Scleral Lens design solves this problem beautifully.  We can specify edge toricity that hugs the scleral evenly 360 degrees.  Additionally, the visual toricity can be designed completely independent of the edge toricity.  This provides comfortable, clear vision, without haze or air bubble development.  

Since fitting the new Europa Scleral lenses, we have experienced extraordinary success and patient satisfaction.  Patients who haven't seen for years because of irregular corneas, can now live normal, active lives!  


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